Ultraviolet UV sterilizer Great Corpofix SV7 mobile phone masks, keys, accessories and more.

SKU DGT0004094


  • The ultraviolet sterilizer can effectively and quickly to disinfect and kill bacteria on the face, mobile phone and other small items . Aromatherapy function can add flavor to your belongings.
  • The ultraviolet sterilization is safe and environmentally friendly, no harm disinfection property.
  • aromatherapy function , eliminates odor and can add pleasant flavor of your belongings.
  • With a large amount , suitable for mobile phone, face mask, toothbrush, tools, makeup, jewelry, keys, watches, etc.
  • Portable, you can put it in your bag, perfect for home, office, public transport and travel.
  • A sterilization cycle is six minutes. After the process, sterilizer izpiskva three times to signal that it has stopped working and you can remove items from inside.
  • With USB port inside the machine via cables in the kit you can charge your phone while it is sterilized.


  • Material: ABS
  • Color:
  • Maximum capacity 6.6-inch mobile phone
  • Rated voltage: DC5V
  • Input current: 1-2A
  • Power Disinfection: 2W
  • UV wavelength: 253.7NM
  • Power of Aromatherapy: 1W
  • Maximum power: 9W
  • Amount of product: 230 * 120 * 35 mm / 9.06 * 4.72 * 1.38 inches
  • Package weight: 300 g. / 10,58un
  • Size Package: 315 * 188 * 66mm / 12.4 * 7.4 * 2.6in
  • Warranty: 1 year against manufacturing defect

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